Fist of ragnaros

Comment by lyom Seriously. Comment by Keelerak Idea: Comment by DarkSun I guess it doesnt shoot fireballs anymore cos it was extinguished

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Fist of ragnaros
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Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand

I don't know however if the Sulfuras is programmed as additional loot as mounts are, then it wouldn't matter, but I have never seen this drop in 10man normal difficulty. Comment by generalhiggins perhaps because the Hand of Ragnaros has been extinguished and not the Hammer. It should count as enchant to make it balanced it should be slightly better than normal enchants, thought. It uploads the collected data to Wowhead in order to keep the fist of ragnaros up-to-date! Comment by Czsixteen Ran 10man for the Penitent ach and after having some derp in gear botch it twice we got it, killed Rag, and the derp snagged the mace from my friend who volunteered to tank it.

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Fist of ragnaros
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Fist of Ragnaros

Unsure how to post? I gotta say this a life saver right there, also it can even keep you warm at nights and fist of ragnaros a nice sleep without a cozy fire! Two red sockets, plus twenty strength Axe has higher weapon damage, outweighing the strength on Sulfuras. Because Ragnaros deals 8 damage when your turn endshe can easily work as removalwhile remaining a persistent threat.

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